Below are comments from some of our customers regarding Indow® Windows and our services.
We will provide contact information for customers who are willing to share their experience upon request.
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Hi Jon,
Amazing. 100% worth the spend. My husband was doubtful but I thought it was worth trying it out. My husband now says it was the best investment we've made in the house. No drafts. No cold spots. Much quieter! Barely visible. It's a remarkable product. If you have an old home with beautiful but less then well insulated windows - INDOW is a GREAT solution. I would buy them again and I 100% recommend them. 100% Functional. 99% Invisible.
    M.B. - Scarsdale, NY
Jon, Happy New Year!! I've been meaning to write to let you know how pleased we are with our Indow inserts. The house is so much more comfortable this winter!!! I don't think we realized just how drafty our windows were. It is much easier to keep the house warm with the inserts installed. The Indow inserts will make it possible to keep our original steel casements which we love - and still be warm. The inserts were the perfect solution for us and definitely worth the investment. We are happy to support you and this product. We appreciate the care you put into explaining your product to us, and the meticulous measuring that you did to accommodate our unique installation with the original screen hardware installed on some of our windows. Everything fits and functions wonderfully. We do recommend Indow windows (and you in particular) to all our friends. We first have to point out that they are installed, since they are so discrete!
    B. M. - Bronxville, NY
I installed Indow Windows in my 1964 built home to compensate for some very large, very drafty single pane windows. Replacement windows were simply way too expensive. We had always problems with ice building up in the winter with the meltwater then rotting out the sills. The year we put in the Indow Windows there was no ice at all. The rooms were warmer too and frankly we forgot they were even there -- that's how well they fit into the look of the home and the existing window frames. A great product that totally delivered on its promise!
    R.M. - Pound Ridge, NY
Hi Jon
We decided to use Indow Windows throughout our house instead of replacing all of the old, but beautiful, single paned windows we have. Our experience with the product has been wonderful and we definitely notice a huge difference in drafts. They are hardly noticeable too. Our neighbors put them in, also! I would highly recommend.
    C.F. - Bronxville, NY
Hi Jon
The windows are excellent I don't understand why every unit in Garth road does not take them. They are thinking to install new windows but this so much cheaper, faster and convenient and the outcome is better. Also the co-op building does not allow new construction so this is perfect If you need fresh air they can open other windows in the house I used these facing the train and noise was cut dramatically Jon was absolutely excellent. Really mean it. He did far beyond and wish the company helps him market in the Garth road area where I feel many others can benefit from it.
    S.B. - Scarsdale, NY
1. Have your Indows performed up to your expectations?
They have performed beyond my expectations. Not only have they functioned excellently as storm windows, they also have eliminated noise that might come from the outside.
2. Do you feel your purchase represented a good value (price vs. benefits)?
  The price was not only competitive, it was better than that. Other possible suppliers of inside-installed storm windows required me to take the measurements. That meant that if I made a mistake, I would bear the cost of windows that would not fit. You laser-measured every window, and everything fit perfectly. In addition, since no metal plates had to be screwed into our windows, your windows could be inserted easily without damage or change to our windows.
3. Would you recommend Indows to your friends, relatives or neighbors?
  The answer is yes, definitely.
  My comment is a simple one - we were satisfied with every aspect of your work, and the product you installed. Not only did you put them in easily, we are able to take them out and put them in just as easily.
    Dr. R.M. - Oneonta, NY
Dear Jon
I am very satisfied with Indow Windows! I have told several people about your product, and shown them off in my house. They cut down the traffic noise by at least 50% and makes our place more enjoyable. In addition, energy consumption was reduced as a result. We bought them to reduce street noise but the lower energy consumption is an added benefit. I had a NYSERDA contractor over to bid on some work and showed him the windows. He was really, really interested. Since his job is to make homes more energy efficient and seal up all the gaps, he was very intrigued.
    C.J. - New Rochelle, NY
Hi Jon
We are very happy with the Indows and if you need any letter of recommendation, let us know.
Noise reduction is amazing.
We are in prime heating season now and while we definitely saw a reduction in last months bill (20%)
we are anxious to see what the next bill will be as this was a truer representation of "winter" temperatures.
Thanks again, Regards,
    Rich D. - Yonkers, NY
Hey Jon
Happy to send very positive report. Service is superior. Product is performing as promised. Warm, quiet and virtually invisible. I recommend them highly to all who ask, and some who don't!
    L.A. - Scarsdale, NY
Hey John. The new window inserts have been absolutely amazing!! The drafts that we felt in our living room and bathroom since moving in 7 years ago have been completely irradicated. The rooms are so much more comfortable and the windows themselves are almost entirely camouflaged. We're really very pleased with the product and our experience working with you. Thanks so much for your help.
    R.C. - Larchmont, NY
HI Jonathan, Iím sorry for this delayed reply. I had meant to reply to a mail that we received several months ago to say how pleased we were with the Indow Windows. Firstly, they were delivered when you said they would be. Secondly, you installed them in a most pleasant and professional manner, and finally, we are delighted with the results. The Indow Windows have not only kept out the cold drafts that we used to feel in the winter, but they are also quite attractive. We are very satisfied with our purchase of Indow Windows and have already recommended them to our friends.
    A.O. - Bronxville, NY
Dear Jon
We love this product. By far best money we invested in our house. People always comment that they look great - if and when they notice them. Brilliant solution and happy customers!
    M.S. - New Rochelle, NY
1. Have your Indows performed up to your expectations?
  Yes, they have worked out great. Easy to install and easy to remove again when I want to open the windows.

2. Do you feel your purchase represented a good value (price vs. benefits)?
  Yes. In particular these are for an attic space I finished. Ordinarily I would have replaced the windows with something energy efficient but these are half moon shaped windows that would have had to have been custom designed given I wanted to maintain the look of the window from the outside.. On the inside they are in a rectangular frame and the Indow was able to be designed and installed easily at a much better cost point for what I believe are probably equivalent energy benefits.
3. Would you recommend Indows to your friends, relatives or neighbors?
    M.S. - Croton-On-Hudson, NY
Hi Jon, Hope this email finds you well. We wanted to let you know that my husband and I are very happy with the Indow installation! The heat loss has come down dramatically and our dining area is now constantly warm, including in the evenings! The street noise has also reduced significantly and our bedrooms are really quiet now, even at peak Central Ave traffic! You and your helper installed the indows well, and they have certainly enhanced the look of our windows! As a token of our appreciation, we'd like to send you an Amazon gift card via email. Best regards,
    M. & P. M. - Scarsdale, NY
Hi Jonathan,
We are so Happy with the windows! They make a huge difference in keeping the house toasty warm. Preventing drafts makes a huge difference -- and they are really not noticeable at all!

    M. B. - New Rochelle, NY
So far the Indows have been great. Interestingly, it's very rare to see condensation between the Indow and the skylight windows. Prior to the indows, condensation (and freezing) was common outside the skylight windows. It's been fairly warm so far this winter so I can't gauge if they've resulted in less heating fuel use yet. I look forward to that. However, the whole upstairs seems to hold the heat better and, at least in my imagination, the heat comes on less. I would definitely recommend Indows to friends and have already done so on a number of occasions. Thanks for your great service and have a wonderful new year.
    H.M. - New Paltz, NY
1. Have your Indows performed up to your expectations?
  Difficult to gauge the effect of the windows on an energy efficiency model due to installation in only two rooms, however, I have to believe they are beneficial in that respect. From a noise mitigation stand point, they are probably working better than I would have predicted.
2. Do you feel your purchase represented a good value (price vs. benefits)?
3. Would you recommend Indows to your friends, relatives or neighbors?
   I have.
  My office is interested in having you back to hit the second floor of the building. I will be in touch.

    C.S. - Kingston, NY
The Indow Windows were great for my application and I've recommended them to friends and realtors who looked at my barn.
    J.F. - Woodstock, NY
I don't think too many people have had such a dramatic improvement from installation of Indows as we have. We have a 1790 Dutch farmhouse, mostly original including all the windows for which the Indows were ordered. Single pane, many divided lights, about half painted shut for at least seventy-five years. Previous owners had installed either aluminum storms circa 1960, long broken and missing their rubber weatherstripping, or fixed outside acrylic panels circa 1980. Neither type did much to prevent drafts and in the case of the acrylic, it yellowed like a cataract. When we installed the Indows we painted the house exterior at the same time, removed all the exterior storms, cleaned out many years of cobwebs and trapped bugs that couldn't be reached from inside, and voila, the house is bathed in beautiful light for the first time in decades, filtered through old wavy glass. I've only gotten one oil bill, for the late fall months, and even allowing for the drop in oil prices, which were not yet dramatic then; the savings were somewhere upwards of a third less.
    Dr. P.G. - Claverack, NY
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